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Charm is a cross-platform blogging client for:

Download Charm now! (Version 1.9.2: March 27th, 2013)

You can also download old versions:

Release notes (and a changelog) are also available.

More information can be found on Charm's SourceForge project page.

News, updates, and support can be obtained through the LiveJournal LJcharm community.

Why should you use Charm?


Charm was written for Python 2.3 on a Unix system.

It should work with later versions of Python as well, and is intended to work with Python 1.5 and 1.6 as well. (If you encounter problems that seem version-specific, please email the author.)

Because Charm is written in Python, it should be reasonably cross-platform. It should work on any Unix-based system (including Linux). It is likely to work on Windows, and it will probably work on the Macintosh. (Again, please email the author with portability problems.)

Of course, you will need to have Python installed on your machine. See the Python home page to download a copy of Python. (Linux users will probably have Python installed already.)

Version History

1.0.0: November 24th, 2001
Initial release.

1.0.1: November 25th, 2001
Fixed some bugs related to editing in journals.

1.1.0: December 23rd, 2001
Support for checkfriends mode, multiple usernames, minor bugfixes, and more.

1.2.0: January 2nd, 2003
New checkfriends (friend updates) polling mode, friend group security, and more.

1.2.1: January 27th, 2003
Charm is now Python 1.5.2-compatible as well.

1.3.0: January 29th, 2003
Charm now has command-line quick-posting capabilities, as well as archival capabilities, as well as a number of other new features and improvements.

1.4.0: December 22nd, 2003
Charm now supports all posting options form the command line.

1.5.0: November 9th, 2004
New administrative console capabilities (friends management, community management, shared journal management, ban management). XMMS music detection. Support of newer LJ client protocol enhancements, such as protocol version 1 (Unicode) and challenge/response authentication.

1.6.0: June 13th, 2005
Synchronization support (automatically download and archive entries), friends group management, per-login journal site selection, comments screening, spellchecking, manual and man pages.

Read the release notes for a detailed historical change log.
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